Celebrate Life Ball with Chane de Kock Mrs South Africa was such a great event! It was a pleasure to photograph and film all the beautiful finalists of this year's Mrs South Africa competition as well as other noble guests. Everybody looked fantastic and had loads of fun! All the funds went to the Out of Africa Children's Foundation. We would like to congratulate Chane de Kock on her 30th birthday and her 10 years wedding anniversary!
To see all the photos: http://www.houseofvizion.com/life2014
Celebrate Life Ball 255Celebrate Life Ball 001Celebrate Life Ball 011Celebrate Life Ball 102Celebrate Life Ball 089Celebrate Life Ball 122Celebrate Life Ball 128Celebrate Life Ball 124Celebrate Life Ball 138Celebrate Life Ball 141Celebrate Life Ball 147Celebrate Life Ball 156Celebrate Life Ball 184Celebrate Life Ball 193Celebrate Life Ball 194Celebrate Life Ball 205Celebrate Life Ball 206Celebrate Life Ball 223Celebrate Life Ball 211Celebrate Life Ball 226

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